Assisting Residents


Halton residents have one of the highest standards of living in Canada, in part because of Halton Region’s strong commitment to being well planned, resident focused and safe and healthy. Our dedication to planning complete and vibrant communities helps make Halton a great place to live for everyone living in our Region.

This includes assisting Halton’s low income residents through affordable & assisted housing programs, ensuring that we provide a healthy quality environment for children and youth to grow and develop, offering delivery programs to meet the needs of seniors in our community and partnering with the not-for profit sector to provide social services that can reach residents who need assistance.

Here are some of the highlights of what has been done at the Region under Gary’s leadership:

    • The new split pass which subsidizes the cost of a monthly bus pass for low income residents.
    • The new Halton housing help centre the new service that connects residence to the housing support they need.
    • The new employment resource centers that offers help for job postings from local employers, on-site staff support to help with job/career search.
    • Halton comprehensive housing strategy has delivered 894 new affordable/assisted housing units.
    • Additional subsidized child care spaces.
    • An expansion of the Supports for daily living program.
  • Expansion and improvements to the Regions health clinics.

That’s why in a recent survey, 97% of Halton region residents are satisfied with the job that the region is doing.


Creating welcoming communities: The Halton Newcomer Strategy

Part of building a safe and healthy community is ensuring that everyone feels included. The Halton Newcomer Strategy is a community based initiative with participation from Halton Region (HNS lead), The Halton Region Police Service, Halton Muticultural Connections, The Halton Distric and Catholic District school boards, community agencies and the private sector.


HNS partners work “upstream” to foster conditions that positively impact new immigrant and refugee settlement outcomes. This includes strengthening awareness and capacity to successfully integrate newcomers, working with employers to improve labour market opportunities, and coordinating settlement services to improve access. By strengthening newcomer supports, HNS partners are contributing to lasting change to ensure the Halton continues to remain a welcoming community.


Housing 2018 Budget - New Assisted Housing Opportunities


Homeward Bound Halton: Supporting single, mother-led families to reach their potential

Homeward Bound Halton is an initiative of Home Suite Hope, an Oakville-based charitable organization that supports single, mother-led families in partnership with Halton Region, Sheridan College, the Oakville Community Foundation and many other community partners. The program is modeled on a high successful, evidenced-based approach by Tor0onto’s Woodgreen Community Services.  Homeward Bound Halton provides single, mother-led families at-risk of homelessness with comprehensive supports, including:

  • Child care and housing subsidies through Halton Region’s Children’s Services and Housing Services divisions
  • Fully funded tuition at Sheridan College through the Oakville Community Foundation, Genworth Canada and TD Bank, and other community partners.
  • Access to internship and employment opportunities through an industry council comprised of community and business leaders

By addressing the underlying factors that contribute to safety and well-being, including housing, education, and employment, Homeward Bound Halton is a model of social development that is breaking the cycle of poverty and homelessness