Tax Management

For eight years in a row, every year since Gary Carr has been Chair, Halton Region has frozen or reduced taxes collected for Regional programs and services. Gary is committed to having Halton being an effective, fiscally responsible and transparent government that delivers high quality programs and services.

Did you know that municipalities only receive 11 percent of taxes collected? Your property taxes are distributed three ways – to your local Municipality, the Provincial Government (for education) and Halton Region.

Halton Region has frozen or reduced property taxes on Regional programs and services for eight straight years. This is one of the best records in all of Canada. Every year Gary has been Chair, Halton Region has achieved a AAA credit rating from Standard and Poor’s and Moody’s. By maintaining our AAA credit rating and reducing our taxes we ensure Halton is competitive which attracts jobs and investment to our community.

“The Regional Municipality of Halton displays strong governance and management characteristics. In addition to multi-year operating and capital planning and a recent history of exceeding fiscal targets, management adheres to conservative debt and investment management policies which limits the regional municipality’s exposure to market related risks and helps ensure relatively smooth debt servicing costs. These fiscal management measures are also supported by comprehensive, transparent and timely financial reporting.”

Moody’s Investors Service February 13, 2013 Report

“Halton also has implemented a development financing plan that is designed to shield taxpayers from the costs and risks associated with financing growth-related infrastructure, and ensure that this is ultimately funded through DCs. This plan should reduce Halton’s development risk and need for upfront financing.”

Standard & Poor’s Ratings Services July 20, 2012 Report